Many fashion gigs I had are not included on my portfolios anymore, but some of them are too good and interesting not to be featured anywhere on this website.

This one was for Angelique Chmielewski  catalog for her SS2014 collection. I remember the model was a great soul and we were shooting everything on a rooftop in DUMBO...the top most part had this huge windmill sculpture of sorts with a old school metal chair welt in it. I am terrified at heights, rooftop shoots are a bit of a challenge in it of themselves...But this girl, she was the opposite, a thrill seeker...All natural and confidence she just swayed herself to this sculpture with open arms, closed eyes and huge smiles...She was having a ball! I cringed just to look at it, but also admired and envied her braveness and freedom. 

The moment was beautiful and the pictures reflect that. 

Make-up and hair by Ana Siqueira.

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